GOP: House Republican Caucus Newsletter October 21, 2021

Caucus-Newsletter 10-21-21

Highlights in this edition:

  • Revenue Estimating Conference Forecasts Continued Revenue Growth for Iowa
    • Iowa’s economy is in a solid position to weather the challenges presented by the Biden Administration
  • House GOP’s Butchery Innovation Fund Applications Available
    • The bill was authored by House Republicans after recognizing the need for more artisan butchers in the state
  • My Company is Requiring the COVID-19 Vaccine, Now What?
    • It is important for employees to know their rights and to take the necessary steps if those rights are violated
  • Sand’s Medicaid Report is Astoundingly Inaccurate
    • Sand admits that this report does not follow U.S. generally accepted auditing standards
  • Iowa’s Election Cybersecurity
    • County auditors are required to request from the Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) a cyber resilience review