GOP: House Republican Caucus Newsletter October 8, 2021

Caucus-Newsletter 10-8-21

Highlights in this edition:

  • Iowa’s Strong Economy Drives State Revenue Higher Than Predicted
    • State revenue exceeded spending by $991.7 million
  • Regional Centers Prove to be Huge Success for Students and Community
    • Institutions have the potential opportunity for financial support to develop or expand a regional center
  • Iowa Seeks Health Care Workforce
    • Iowa has over 5,500 job openings for nurses
  • What’s Next for the Redistricting Process?
    • The General Assembly must vote on the proposed second plan no sooner than seven days after receiving the plan
  • COVID Hospitalizations Among College Students in Universities Towns Extremely Low
    • The lack of mask mandates is not driving up hospitalizations as just 5 individuals of normal college age currently hospitalized for COVID