GOP: House Republican Caucus Newsletter September 9, 2021

Caucus-Newsletter 9-9-21

Highlights in this edition:

  • Iowa Utilities Board sets Public Information Meetings Regarding Proposed CO2 Pipeline
    • The pipeline is proposed to cross 30 Iowa counties
  • Parents Continue to Push Back Against Political Coercion in Local Classrooms
    • A teacher cannot deliberately suppress or distort subject matter for which the educator bears responsibility
  • Biden Administration Threatens Nursing Homes
    • Iowa’s nursing home association CEO: “contrary to popular talking points, Delta is not killing Iowa nursing home residents. What will put them in harm’s way is a vax mandate with no flexibility. Staff will vanish.”
  • Biden Administration Takes First Step to Intimidate Iowa Over Mask Law
    • Republicans will protect Iowans’ individual rights and liberties against federal overreach
  • Iowa Continues to be a Leader in Election Security Measures
    • Voting equipment in Iowa does not connect to the internet or any other voting equipment
  • Hospitalizations in Counties Containing Universities Not Overrun with Students with COVID
    • Story, Johnson and Black Hawk Counties have a combined one person age 18-19 hospitalized for COVID