GOP: House Republican Caucus Newsletter August 12, 2021

Highlights in this edition:

  • COVID-19 Update
    • COVID-19 Case Fatality Rate Drops to Lowest Level Yet at 0.59%
    • 65.7% of Iowans age 18 and over have received at least one dose of the vaccination
    • The percentage of total COVID-19 associated hospitalizations for children age 5-17 is just 1.1% 
    • School Mask Mandates Have No Effect on Lower COVID-19 Case Rates
  • July Revenue Numbers Down in Some Areas, Up in Others
    • Sales and use tax collections grew 22 percent over July 2020
  • School Closures Led to Student Learning Plunge
    • Student performance dropped ten percentage points from fall 2019 to fall 2020
  • House Republicans visit Iowa’s Mental Health Institutes
    • The MHIs have completed several safety enhancements for patients
  • Vax Mandate and Mask Mandate Questions and Answers
    • A person cannot be denied access to public or private facilities because of their vaccination status, except for certain health care facilities
  • Election Law Changes Now in Effect
    • Absentee ballot request period is now no more than 70 days before election day