GOP: House Republican Caucus Newsletter July 1, 2021

Highlights in this edition:

  • Why is the Political Left Freaking Out About House File 802?
    • Parents believe they are the ultimate authority in their children’s education, not woke activists using their positions to indoctrinate students with their own personal political values
  • As Fiscal Year 2021 Closes, State Revenue Still Going Strong
    • Fiscal Year 2021 will go down as one of the strongest revenue years on record
  • Free Speech Rights for K-12 Teachers
    • Teachers have free speech rights in the classroom but there are limitations
  • House GOP Led Child Care Legislation Becomes Law
    • Child care is one of the important factors in getting Iowans back to work
  • Popular Broadband Grant Program Opens July 1, 2021
    • Iowans are firmly behind that effort with 72 percent of Iowans in favor
  • Democrats’ Election Power Grab Fails in United States Senate
    • The ironically named For the People Act was an attempt to nullify Iowa’s voter ID requirements