GOP: House Republican Caucus Newsletter April 15, 2021

Highlights in this edition:

  • Latest Round of Federal School Funding Allocations Released by Department of Education
    • Payments are not equal with Des Moines Public Schools getting $4,774.23 per student while neighboring Waukee gets $262.02 per student
  • Iowa’s Regent Universities Will NOT Require Vaccines for Students to Come Back in the Fall
    • Students attending Iowa regent universities will maintain the ability to choose if they want to receive the vaccine or not
  • Governor Signs Legislation to Support Rural Child Care
    • Child care is a key factor in for parents in rural Iowa
  • House Republicans Stand with Law Enforcement, Reject Calls to Defund Police
    • Members of law enforcement and law-abiding Iowa families can count on House Republicans
  • Iowa House Passes Business Property Tax Credit Simplification
    • The legislation protect businesses from any lapse in the credit