GOP: House Republican Caucus Staff Bill Analysis April 8, 2021

Highlights in this edition:

  • March State Revenue Collections Still Growing
    • State tax collections in March were up 32.4 percent over the previous year’s figure
  • Report Raises Question Regarding Growth in Regents Employees
    • What are all these new, non-faculty positions actually doing at Iowa’s three state universities?
  • Is A New Stealthy Form of Racism Being Taught in Some Iowa Schools?
    • Ames Director of Equity – “What we are doing is bringing ideology into the conversation, but not just ideology, we are also bringing people.”
  • Americans’ Concerns About Catching COVID-19, Access to Hospital Services/Treatment & Availability of Tests Declining Rapidly
    • Gallup Survey shows percentage of Americans Very/Somewhat worried about services/treatment of COVID-19 down to 22%
  • Michigan Free Speech Case Similar to Iowa
    • Making college campus safe for free speech shouldn’t be a partisan issue, it should be an American one
  • House Republicans Increase Funding for Public Safety, Democrats Vote No
    • When Democrats threaten to defund the police, Iowans evidently need to take those threats seriously