GOP: House Republican Caucus Newsletter March 11, 2021

Highlights in this edition:

  • House Passes Bill to Support Building More Child Care Centers
    • The bill creates a workforce child care facility tax credit for the developer of a new or rehabilitated child care facility
  • House Republicans Continue to Expand Access to Telehealth, Mental Health Care
    • Health insurers will be required to pay for mental health services delivered through telehealth at the same rate as they pay for in-person mental health treatment
  • Iowa Continues to Vaccinate at Record Rate, Expands Eligible Populations
    • Iowa continues to vaccinate at record rates with 916,360 doses already being administered as of March 10
  • What’s the Big Deal About the Black Lives Matter Curriculum in Ames?
    • The curriculum uses public resources for political purposes and wasn’t age appropriate in certain cases  
  • House Republicans Focus on Connecting Iowans
    • Ready or not, the increased use of broadband internet is here to stay
  • Iowa Ranks #1 in Opportunity
    • The state’s housing affordability is No. 1 in the country, and the state has the third-lowest level of food insecurity