GOP: House Republican Caucus Newsletter March 4, 2021

Highlights in this edition:

  • Outlook Remains Positive as State Revenue Collections Continue to Grow in February
    • Through the first eight months of the fiscal year, General Fund net receipts have grown by 5.4 percent
  • House Passes Pandemic Tax Relief with Over $120 Million in Tax Cuts
    • Republicans lead the way with $128 million in pandemic related tax relief
  • Over $6.0 Million Awarded to Community Improvement Projects in Rural Iowa
    • Awards were made for water/sewer and stormwater infrastructure improvements, housing rehabilitation, and employment-related transportation projects
  • Iowa College of Dentistry Provides Update on First Amendment Troubles
    • Republicans have continued to hear about harassment based on political views and race
  • Democrats Oppose Bills to Expand Health Care Workforce
    • Iowa ranks 42nd in the nation for physicians per capita