GOP: House Republican Caucus Newsletter February 25, 2021

Highlights in this edition:

  • State Funding Per In-State Students Soars at UNI
    • State funding per in-state student at UNI has risen $5,152 over the past decade
  • House Republicans Help Schools with COVID-19 Related Costs
    • No money is being withheld, this is extra money that school districts weren’t planning on ever receiving
  • Ames School District Abruptly Backs Away From Defending BLM Curriculum
    • Some of that curriculum included lessons on the disruption of the Western prescribed nuclear family
  • House Republicans Protect Personal Health Info from Government Snooping
    • This bill prohibits the State Auditor from having access to names and residential addresses of those with reportable diseases
  • House of Representatives Passes Election Integrity Law
    • This bill increases the amount of reporting on absentee ballot requests for greater accountability