GOP: House Republican Caucus Newsletter February 12, 2021

Highlights in this edition:

  • Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Fund in Serious Jeopardy after Passage of Nebraska Casino Referendum
    • Nebraska casinos could mean an annual loss of up to $37 million in gaming revenue to the RIIF
  • New Rural Community Funds Available
    • $400,000 has been allocated to two funds for current fiscal year (FY 2021) through FY 2022
  • House Republicans Set SSA at 2.5%
    • Per Pupil spending goes up $186 from $7,048 to $7,234
  • Small Towns are the Focus of House GOP Effort to Recruit More Medical Professionals
    • The primary role for a state university funded with hundreds of millions in taxpayer money should be training medical professionals to stay in Iowa after graduation
  • Iowa Ranks Second in the Nation for Unemployment Recovery
    • Iowa is consistently at the top of the rankings compared to the entire U.S.