GOP: House Republican Caucus Newsletter February 4, 2021

Highlights in this edition:

  • Incentives to Build More Child Centers and Support for Businesses Offering On-Site Child Care Pushed Through by House GOP
    • Bills will create more child care opportunities for working Iowa families
  • All Iowa Students Now Have the Opportunity for 100% In-Person Learning
    • Schools have until February 15th to come into compliance with the new law
  • Education Not Indoctrination Drives Free Speech Discussion in Oversight Meeting
    • Conservative students and faculty see that there are two sets of rules on campus – one set for conservatives and a different set for liberals
  • Iowa Continues to Provide COVID Vaccine at Record Rate
    • The majority of nursing home residents have already been vaccinated
  • Retired Fire & Police Get New Protections in House GOP Bill
    • Measures are targeted to eligible police and firefighters of Iowa’s 49 of the largest cities