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Dems: Dem Leaders: Labor Center will close because of misplaced GOP priorities

July 10, 2018

This is not the first negative consequence of Republican fiscal mismanagement. The Republican budgets for our three universities have already raised tuition on working families.

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Dems: Senate Dem Leader on passing of former Governor Bob Ray

July 9, 2018

Governor Ray was a model leader who served with style, courage and humility to make our state a better place. He strengthened worker rights, made Iowa a welcoming state for immigrants and refugees, expanded voter rights, cleaned up the environment, and improved opportunities for working Iowa families to improve their lives.

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Dems: Supreme Court decision is good for women’s health care

June 29, 2018

The decision today by the Iowa Supreme Court is a victory for the constitutional rights of Iowa women. It’s a shame that Governor Reynolds and legislative Republicans are working overtime to prevent women from accessing health care. That’s wrong. They are politicians, not doctors.

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Dems: Putting unconstitutional law on hold is good news for Iowa

June 1, 2018

Governor Reynolds and other Iowa Republican politicians sent a horrible message to everyone in the United States when they passed this unconstitutional law.  This dangerous law devalues women and girls and would further reduce access to quality, affordable health care across our state.

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Dems: Statement from Senate Dem Leader on signing of GOP tax scheme

May 30, 2018
Dems: Statement from Senate Dem Leader on signing of GOP tax scheme

Governor Reynolds and legislative Republicans are putting our state at greater financial risk with a tax scheme that is a bad deal for most Iowans. The legislation signed into law today is bursting with giveaways to millionaires, wealthy corporations and people who don’t live in Iowa.

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Dems: Senate Dem Leader’s 2018 session closing remarks

May 8, 2018

Senate Republicans leaders said their agenda was simple: “KICK THE DOOR IN!” Unfortunately, Iowans are already feeling the consequences of having the door kicked in on them. The Republican-controlled legislature and Governor Reynolds did a lot of bad things to good people this session.

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Dems: Senate Dem Leader on passage of GOP tax scheme

May 5, 2018

Republicans passed a tax giveaway bill today that gives most of the benefits to out-of-state companies and millionaires.  It’s a bad deal for most Iowans. It will raise property taxes and result in cuts to health care, job creation, education and other services.

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Dems: Senate Dem Leader on Reynolds signing extreme abortion restrictions

May 4, 2018

In the past two years, Governor Reynolds and other the Republican-controlled Legislature have made our state more dangerous for Iowa women. Instead of improving health care access for women, Governor Reynolds and the Republican-controlled Legislature have pushed through policies that put more women at risk.

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Dems: Governor Reynolds must expand IFA investigation

April 30, 2018

The investigation must include the victim’s concerns about retaliation; misinformation provided by the Reynolds Administration; the long delay in calling for the independent investigation; an examination of the lease agreement with Hubbell Realty; and a full audit and analysis of expenses and reimbursement to David Jamison.

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Dems: Statement on complaint against David Jamison

April 26, 2018

Taxpayers deserve full disclosure of all complaints against David Jamison during his tenure in state government. Governor Reynolds should order an investigation into concerns expressed by the victim that there was a culture at the Iowa Finance Authority where she and other staff feared being retaliated against if they filed complaints.

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