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Dems: New Changes to Iowa’s Natural Resources

June 2, 2017

This year, the Legislature worked on many bills relating to Iowa’s natural resources. One piece of legislation gives the State Forest Nursery more flexibility in pricing the seeds and plants they sell. The nursery provides good-quality native plant materials to the public at fair prices and will now be able to sell seeds in smaller…

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Dems: Homeowners Affected Under New CAFO Law

May 11, 2017

Iowa homeowners whose quality of life or property values have been impacted by confined feeding operations (CAFOS) may now have even fewer options. Under a bill approved by the Republican-led Legislature, if a CAFO moves next to your property and ruins the value and enjoyment of your land, damages are now capped and no further…

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Dems: Republicans Slash Millions from Water Quality Plan Passed Just 3 Days Ago

April 14, 2016

In a spending plan released by Republicans today, lawmakers learned efforts to improve water quality passed just three days ago would now be scaled back by $2 million next year. “I’m stunned Republicans have broken their promise in just three days and already cut $2 million from their water quality plan. The plan was already…

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