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Dems: Senator Bowman outlines bipartisan opportunities to improve Iowa education in letter to Governor Reynolds

July 21, 2017

State Senator Tod Bowman of Maquoketa has outlined bipartisan opportunities to improve Iowa education in a letter to Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds.  Bowman, the only active teacher in the Iowa Senate, offered education proposals that would benefit Iowa students and help strengthen Iowa’s economy. 

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Dems: Governor Reynolds asked to urge Senators Ernst, Grassley to oppose health care changes that would hurt Iowans

July 18, 2017

July 18, 2017 The top two Democratic State Senators on the Iowa Senate’s healthcare budget and policy committees are urging Governor Kim Reynolds to contact U.S. Senators Joni Ernst and Chuck Grassley about the threat [...]

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Dems: Legislators offer next steps to improve child welfare

July 6, 2017

Legislators fear more children under state care will suffer due to Republican inaction on child welfare. State Senators Matt McCoy and Janet Petersen, members of the Legislature's Government Oversight Committee, offer steps to improve the welfare of fo...

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Dems: Latest state deficit figures show GOP budget is ‘out of whack’ and hurting Iowa families

July 3, 2017

 "Iowa is not in a recession. Iowa is experiencing slow revenue growth because the policies of Governor Reynolds and legislative Republicans are out of whack. Delaying tax refunds for Iowa families and other gimmicks will not solve this budget mess. Republicans must stop showering tens of millions on large tax giveaways to out-of-state corporations.  These…

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Dems: Bipartisan energy reforms can create jobs & boost economy

June 26, 2017

State Senator Chaz Allen of Newton invites Governor Reynolds to back bipartisan energy reforms, creating more jobs for Iowans and boosting our state's clean energy production.

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Dems: Gov. Reynolds: Convince Pres. Trump to stop Iowa health care disaster

June 21, 2017

Open letter to Governor Reynolds urging her to convince President Trump to make sure Iowans can keep their health insurance, to protect rural hospitals and health care providers, and to prevent a devastating blow to Iowa’s economy by opposing Republican health care legislation.

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Dems: Wednesday: Legislators host discussion about “Medicaid for All” proposal for Iowa

June 20, 2017

State Senator Matt McCoy and State Representative John Forbes invite the public to a public discussion of their “Medicaid for All” solution to Iowa’s health insurance mess. The goal is to ensure that every Iowan has access to more affordable and reliable health insurance. The event will be held at Des Moines Central Library, 1000…

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Dems: Des Moines to Host Largest Annual Gathering of Midwestern Lawmakers

June 15, 2017

The state of Iowa will host the Midwest’s largest annual gathering of state and provincial legislators this summer in Des Moines.

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Dems: Senator Mathis responds to appointment of new DHS director

June 14, 2017

The selection of Jerry Foxhoven is a positive step. His inclusive style will serve him well as he digs into the work that needs to be done with the department.

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Dems: Quirmbach responds to tuition increase at Iowa’s state universities

June 8, 2017

Republicans in charge of state government must reverse course to keep higher education affordable for Iowa families. Today, the Board of Regents voted to again increase tuition at Iowa’s three state universities this fall. That increase was prompted by more than $30 million in Republican cuts to our universities during the 2017 session.

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