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Dems: Investigation needed into misuse of federal COVID funds

September 16, 2020

Key Democratic legislators are calling for investigations into reports that Governor Reynolds diverted nearly $450,000 to pay her staff instead of using the funds for COVID-19 relief efforts.

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Dems: Thank you, Iowa workers!

September 6, 2020

This Labor Day, let’s look around and thank those who are working hard in what often feels like thankless times. The best “thank you” we can give hard-working Iowans is real opportunities to get ahead.

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Dems: Iowa is COVID hot spot

August 30, 2020

Six months into the pandemic, when many of us thought we might be in the clear, Iowa is in the thick of it with record-high infection rates and mounting deaths. Yet, the Governor continues her half-hearted approach that is preventing Iowa from getting ...

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Dems: “The time for half-hearted public relations gestures is over.”

August 27, 2020

News Release: August 27, 2020 “Governor Reynolds’ proclamation today closed bars in six counties, including Story County. Her action is an appropriate response, in part, to the irresponsible mass student parties of the last several [...]

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Dems: Let’s send kids back to school safely

August 23, 2020

It’s back-to school time, and most parents would love for kids to return to their classroom – when it is safe. No amount of seat time in a classroom will make up for jeopardizing the health of our kids. Let’s put their safety first as we continue to a...

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Dems: Celebrating the right to vote

August 16, 2020

As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote, we have another voting rights victory: Iowa will no longer automatically institute a lifetime ban on voting for all Iowans convicted of any felony.

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Dems: Iowa Senate Republicans failed to support bipartisan effort to restore voting rights

August 5, 2020

A permanent solution was blocked by Senate Republicans, who failed to amend the Iowa Constitution to allow more Iowans to vote. Sen. Brad Zaun, Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, waited until the 11th hour of the 2020 session to finally get it th...

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Dems: Governor “abusing the power of her office” to force unsafe school reopenings

August 5, 2020

“Nowhere in Senate File 2310 does it state that Iowa students, teachers and staff will be required to work and learn in unsafe buildings." the percentage of time Iowans need to spend in buildings. She cooked up that unsafe and unrealistic number herse...

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Dems: Health care community asks Gov. Reynolds for statewide mask order

July 27, 2020

The Iowa Medical Society and a coalition of health care organizations representing more than 12,000 physicians, clinicians, providers, pharmacists, health care facilities, public health professionals and providers-in-training, are calling on Gov. Reyno...

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Dems: Appropriations – All-Bill Summary 2020

July 21, 2020

All bills assigned to the Senate Appropriations Committee, passed by the Legislature and sent to the Governor for her signature in 2020.

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