GOP: House Republican Caucus Newsletter – March 7, 2019

March 7, 2019

In this edition:

  • Senate Budget Targets – What are the Differences with the House?
    • Percentage wise, the Senate increase is 0%, the House increase is 0.63%  
  • Private Power Generation Equity Bill Passes House Commerce Committee
    • The goal is to make sure costs are not inequitably transferred from one customer to another
  • Recent Iowa Poll Validates House Republicans Priorities
    • House Republicans continue to build upon the work from last year to find additional ways to treat individuals with opioid addiction
  • Bi-Partisan Work Continues on House Judiciary Committee
    • 85% of the legislation has been bi-partisan
  • House Republicans Release Key Budget Increases
    • Iowa’s Critical Access Hospitals – $1.5 million increase
    • Future Ready Iowa – $17.7 million in FY 20
    • Nursing Homes serving Iowans on Medicaid – $19 million increase
    • Department of Public Safety – $3.85 million increase
    • Recruiting Additional Rural Health Care Providers – $700,000 increase
    • Community Colleges – $7 million increase
    • Iowa’s Mental Health System –$5.3 million increase
  • House Ag Panel Approves Beginning Farmer Tax Credit
    • The measure increases the annual amount of beginning farmer tax credits from $6-million to $12-million
  • Helping the Teacher Shortage in Rural Iowa
    • The compromise bill received bipartisan praise as it passed through the House Education Committee
  • House Government Oversight Meets with MCOs
    • The audit found that MCOs reimbursed providers the full amount of what the provider billed more than 97% of the time
  • Increase in Drug-Impaired and Cell Phone Distracted Driving
    • The number of drivers killed in crashes who tested positive for marijuana doubled from 2007 to 2015

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