GOP: House Republican Caucus Newsletter – February 21, 2019

February 26, 2019

A new version of the House Republican newsletter is available for viewing: 

In this edition:

  • House Republicans Release FY 2020 Budget Targets
    • The House GOP budget targets allow for new resources to be used for Iowa’s schools, public safety and corrections and our rural hospitals.
  • House Economic Growth Passes Small Business Legislation
    • House Study Bill 152 supports our Targeted Small Businesses which are generally owned by women or minority residents of Iowa.
  • The SAVE Fund, Infrastructure Dollars, Property Tax Relief
    • SAVE is a priority for schools and House Republicans in order to make sure dollars are there to maintain and build safe, high-quality learning environments. 
  • Congressional Democrats Plan to Overturn Nonpartisan Redistricting in Iowa
    • Corruption, gerrymandering and other issues may be problems in other states, but they are not issues in Iowa.

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