Dems: Human Resources Committee Report – Week 14, 2017

April 11, 2018

HF 2414 – Medical support obligation-public health coverage;
HF 2444 – Mandatory reporting, child care workers. 



HF 2414 deals with medical support obligations for public health coverage. The Department of Human Services bill requires the Iowa and the Child Support Recovery Unit to consider public health coverage when determining a medical support obligation. Currently, they only consider private health coverage. It also adds the definition of “cash medical support.” The bill aligns Child Support Recovery code sections with federal law updates from January 2017; defines cash medical support, health care coverage and public coverage; and allows public coverage, such as hawk-i or Medicaid, to count toward medical support obligations. This should cause less disruption for children and families.
[4/5: 45-1 (No: Taylor; Excused: Bertrand, Bowman, Zumbach)]


HF 2444 deals with mandatory reporting for child care workers. It expands mandatory reporting requirements to those that work in a children’s residential facility and expands the list of offenses that ban people from working in child care to those on the sex offender registry and those with an arson conviction; aligns Iowa Code to federal law; and adds to mandatory child abuse providers an employee, operator, owner or other person at a children’s residential facility (chapter 237C). A person who refuses a background check cannot be involved with child care.
[4/5: 46-0 (Excused: Bowman, Bertrand, Zumbach)]

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