Dems: Local Government Committee Report – Week 13, 2018

April 5, 2018

SF 481 – Sanctuary city ban;
HF 2258 – Flood mitigation funds;
HF 2372 – Supervisor redistricting plans;
HF 2379 – Municipal utility retirement systems. 



SF 481 deals with enforcement of immigration laws. The bill holds county or city public safety officers liable for unconstitutional detention pursuant to ICE detainer requests with severe financial repercussions for noncompliance.
[4/4: 28-18-1 (No: Democrats, D Johnson; Present: Taylor; Excused: Bowman, Dvorsky; Vacant: Dix)]


HF 2258 allows the flood mitigation fund to reimburse costs of approved projects incurred after a project’s approval. It gives the local government flexibility to use these funds to reimburse other city funds to pay for projects. Currently, governmental entities can seek approval for flood protection projects and the use of certain sales tax increments from the fund.
[4/3: 48-0 (Excused: Dawson; Vacant: Dix)]


HF 2372 makes changes to the districting process for county boards of supervisors. First, the legislation states that a districting plan for County Board of Supervisors can only be changed after six years and only by a special election. Second, county districts must be drawn using the Legislative Services Agency, similar to the Legislature’s process for redistricting. Third, the bill requires a supermajority vote by residents for counties planning to return to plan three.
[4/4: 26-20 (No: Democrats, D Johnson, Kapucian, Zumbach; Excused: Bowman, Dvorsky, Quirmbach; Vacant: Dix)]


HF 2379 allows only new municipal utility employees who already have IPERS-covered service to continue in their IPERS coverage. This was reviewed and approved by IPERS staff and legal counsel.
[4/2: 47-0 (Excused: Dawson, Zumbach; Vacant: Dix)]

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