Dems: Natural Resources Committee Report – Week 10, 2018

March 13, 2018

HF 2303 – Updates to various programs administered by DNR;
HF 2365– Department of Natural Resources conservation and recreation policies:
HF 2466 – Management of spreadable diseases among wild animals. 



HF 2303 updates programs administered by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), including:

  • Transferring the duties for the state’s Geological Survey program to the University of Iowa. The university has operated the program through its center for Hydroscience and Engineering under a contract with DNR for the last few years. This aligns the duties of the Geological Survey with the areas of expertise within the center.
  • Removing a “random inspection” requirement for the DNR regarding their oversight of delegated permitting programs for sanitary sewer and water supply systems. The DNR reviews every permit issued by the delegated authority, making random inspections unnecessary. The requirement was noted in the state auditor’s review of DNR programs.
  • Clarifying DNR’s enforcement authority over recycling businesses to ensure that they are engaged in legitimate recycling and not stockpiling solid waste at an unapproved site, which causes environmental contamination.
  • Aligning reporting requirements for the Environmental Protection Commission (EPC) with those for DNR. DNR reports are required on a biennial basis, but the EPC currently is required to report annually.
  • Removing references to the redemption center grant program. This program received a one-time appropriation in 2009. If the program were to receive funding in the future, the associated rules must be updated to account for changes since 2009.
  • The Senate adopted an amendment on the floor to clarify that the new requirements on recycling facilities did not apply to scrap metal dealers.
    [3/12: 48-1 (No: D. Johnson; only 49 senators seated)]



HF 2365 clarifies DNR’s authority to enter into agreements by giving it explicit authority to do so instead of implied authority. The bill also dissolves the Mississippi River Partnership Council and the Brushy Creek Recreation Trails Advisory Board. The Mississippi River Partnership Council has not met since 2010, and the council’s functions can be handled by other entities. The Brushy Creek Trails Board has not been active recently, and there is a shortage of interest for membership.
[3/13: short form (Absent: Bertrand)]


HF 2466 directs the NRC and DNR to prevent, control or eradicate infectious or contagious wildlife diseases. This improves DNR’s ability to manage wildlife diseases, especially those that pose threats to commercial livestock and their operations.

The bill also prohibits the transport of Cervidae (the family that includes deer and elk) carcasses into the state from states, provinces or countries where chronic wasting disease has been confirmed. The prohibition does not apply to portions of meat with no part of the head or spinal column attached; meat that is boned out or cut and wrapped; hides or teeth; antlers or skull plates; or finished taxidermy mounts. It also does not apply to nonresidents transporting carcasses directly through the state.
[3/13: short form (Absent: Bertrand)]

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