Dems: Veterans Affairs Committee Report – week 9, 2018

March 7, 2018

SF 2365 – Misrepresentation of service dogs;
SF 2367 – School residency for children of parents on active-duty. 



SF 2365 relates to assistance animals and service animals, and misrepresenting oneself as entitled to such an animal in housing. The Iowa Civil Rights Commission (ICRC) will work with the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division to develop a verification form for providers to use in written findings. The form can only allow for a “Yes” or “No” response as to whether the patient or client has a disability and whether  the need for the animal is related to the disability. The form cannot allow for additional detail. The bill also makes Iowa’s definition of “service animals” conform to the federal definition: dogs and miniature horses only. Iowa’s current law protecting service animals in training does not change. The ICRC, Attorney General’s Office and the Iowa Department of Human Rights worked with legislators to develop this proposal.
[3:7: 49-0 (Absent: Bertrand)]


SF 2367 allows a child who lives with a parent or guardian stationed at Rock Island Arsenal or Offutt Air Force Base to be considered an Iowa resident and enroll tuition-free in specified school districts. The parent or guardian must be on active duty, stationed at and reside or be domiciled within a federal military installation located contiguous to an Iowa county. The parent or guardian of a child who meets the requirements may enroll the child in a school district in a county contiguous to the out-of-state federal military installation. A school district must include the student in its actual enrollment count for calculating state foundation aid. The parent or guardian must transport the child without reimbursement to and from a point on a regular school bus route.
[3/6: 50-0]

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