GOP: House Passes Bill to Combat Opioid Epidemic in Iowa

February 26, 2018

Tonight, the Iowa House passed a comprehensive bill to combat the opioid epidemic in Iowa.  The bill was floor-managed by Rep. Shannon Lundgren (Peosta) and passed on a bipartisan vote of XX-XX.

House File 2377 has three main goals:

  1. Preventing doctor shopping
  2. Reducing over prescribing
  3. Supporting Iowans suffering from an addiction

Specifically, the bill does the following:

Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) – Prevention

  • Funds the new state of the art PMP – EHR integration, access to data
  • Require prescribers to register for the PMP
    • Currently, only 45 percent of prescribers are registered to use the PMP
  • Require providers to use PMP when prescribing controlled substances
    • 26 states mandate prescriber participation in PMPs – states show large reductions in opioid prescriptions
  • Require electronic prescribing to eliminate fraud
  • Require pharmacies to report to the PMP within one business day to move towards real-time data submission and decrease doctor shopping
  • Proactive notification – recognize patients at a high risk for opioid abuse and addiction
  • Penalties for violations will be handled by respective licensing boards
  • Provider Education – annual activity report

Controlled Substance Limitations

  • Prohibits controlled substance prescriptions from being filled more than six months after the date prescribed
  • Prohibits schedule II prescriptions from being refilled
    • Examples include oxycodone, fentanyl, or morphine.

Opioid Antagonist Reporting

  • Requires EMS providers/First Responders to report to the PMP if they administer an opioid antagonist
  • Requires naloxone to be reported to the PMP when dispensed by a pharmacy

Good Samaritan Law

  • Provides immunity from some civil, criminal, or professional liability to a person calling 911 to seek help for a drug overdose and for the person experiencing the overdose.
    • 40 states and DC have Good Samaritan laws
  • Exceptions for drug dealers and repeat offenders

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