Dems: Human Resources Committee Report – week 7, 2018

February 21, 2018

SF 2368 – Insurance Coverage for Mammograms
SF 2369 – County of Residence 



SF 2368 defines mammogram, including two-dimensional and three-dimensional images. Currently, insurance coverage is required for one mammogram every two years for women age 40 through 49. The bill changes the requirement to coverage for an annual mammogram for women age 40 and over.
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SF 2369 changes the term “legal settlement” to “county of residence” for services such as general assistance and veterans assistance to bring consistency to the Code.Legal settlement” was changed to “county of residence” for mental health and disability services several years ago. County of residence is the county where a person lives when they apply for or receives services. The person should have established an ongoing presence with the declared, good-faith intention of living in the county permanently or indefinitely. The county of residence of a person who is homeless is the county where they usually sleep.
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