GOP: Grassley Issues Statement on Revenue Estimating Conference

March 14, 2017

(DES MOINES) – Today Rep. Pat Grassley (R-New Hartford)Grassley Issues Statement on Revenue Estimating Conference, Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, issued the following statement regarding the Revenue Estimating Conference’s latest revenue projections:

“There is no time to waste.  While a reduction in state revenue this far into the fiscal year is challenging, sound budgeting principles will allow House Republicans to craft a plan that keeps the budget balanced and Iowa moving forward.

Going forward our plan will be threefold:

  • First, taxpayers and the Legislature need more accurate revenue estimates from the Revenue Estimating Conference.  We understand this is a difficult task that many states are struggling to deal with right now, but we need to find a way to better predict state revenue.  Changes in how the state tracks and collects revenue need to be made to make estimates more reliable.
  • Second, a very hard look needs to be taken at the “what” and “where” taxpayer money is used to make sure Iowans are getting the best value and their priorities are being met.  This very well could mean the state needs to curtail or end longstanding spending.
  • Third, every tax credit is on the table.  The sacred cows need to be reevaluated to make sure taxpayers are getting a good deal.  A complete approach needs to start immediately instead of the piecemeal, year-by-year strategy that has been in place.

Thankfully, House Republicans rejected over $1 billion in additional spending plans offered by Democrats over the last two years.  Without that strong stand, key areas like local school budgets would be facing deep cuts.  Iowans can count on House Republicans to stand strong against reckless government spending ideas.”



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