Dems: Iowa is good for business

October 12, 2016

Senate Democrats are working to expand Iowa’s middle class and build a stable economy for all. We’re spurring long-range growth and prosperity across Iowa by:

  • Ensuring Iowans have opportunities for job training
  • Offering incentives to Iowa businesses
  • Boosting quality of life in our communities


These efforts are producing good results. Iowa is again one of the top 10 states for business, according to CNBC. The latest analysis spotlights Iowa’s low cost of doing business, low cost of living and great quality of life. We also have the best possible credit rating and have shown steady growth.


A few of the initiatives we’ve championed in recent years that have helped Iowa achieve this success include:

  • Improving Iowa’s roads and bridges to move goods and provide services more efficiently.
  • Phasing in the largest property tax cut in the state history by providing tax relief to owners of commercial and industrial property.
  • Providing a tax cut to thousands of Iowa small businesses and farmers by aligning Iowa’s tax code with many federal tax changes.
  • Offering incentives to businesses that locate and expand in Iowa, particularly when they commit to making a strong contribution to the local economy and creating good jobs for residents.
  • Investing in innovative programs at our state universities that spur economic growth when they work with communities and businesses to improve technology, marketing and entrepreneurship.
  • Establishing tax credits for industries that turn byproducts from biomass feedstock into higher-value chemicals.
  • Exempting from sales tax supplies and replacement parts used in manufacturing, research and development, data processing and recycling. These are known as “consumables.”


For a complete review of our bipartisan business initiatives over the last couple of years, go to

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