Dems: Renewable fuels deserve federal support

October 3, 2016

Americans deserve fuel choices at the pump.


Here in Iowa, we encourage gas stations to install flex fuel pumps and other equipment to offer homegrown, renewable ethanol and biodiesel. The Legislature’s investment of $3 million this year will continue to make tax credits available for retailers that provide biodiesel, E85 and E15; and will increase a tax credit for retailers that supply B11 and higher blends of biodiesel.


With tens of thousands of Iowans employed in the renewable fuels industry, these state investments ensure our economy continues to thrive. Iowa is doing its part, while also pushing the federal government to take a strong stand for national security, cleaner energy and rural America.


The federal Renewable Fuels Standard has been a successful energy policy that requires homegrown ethanol in our nation’s fuel supply. Unfortunately, the Environmental Protection Agency recently lowered requirements for renewable fuel volumes. In response, the Iowa House and Senate called for the EPA to reverse course and support a stronger Renewable Fuels Standard.


The Renewable Fuels Standard has made our air cleaner, improved choices at the pump, created jobs, increased incomes and reduced our dependence on foreign oil. These are just a few of the benefits of supporting Iowa’s renewable fuels industry.


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