GOP: Bills Taking Effect July 1, 2016

June 29, 2016

Several bills passed during the 2016 General Assembly will take effect tomorrow (July 1).  Highlights from the 2016 session include:

House File 2278 and Senate File 2191 – Human Trafficking

These laws establish an office in the Department of Public Safety to oversee and coordinate efforts to combat human trafficking.  They also extend the statute of limitations for kidnapping and human trafficking committed on a person who is under 18, to 10 years after the person turns 18.

Senate File 2218 – Opioid Antagonist

This law allows emergency medical professionals to obtain a supply of opioid antagonists (such as Narcan), to be administered in the event of a drug overdose. Narcan and other drugs like it, can delay an overdose long enough for first responders to get the victim necessary help.

Senate File 453 – Telepharmacies

This law will increase access to pharmacists and medication in rural areas of Iowa where pharmacies can be scarce.  The new law will help Iowa businesses to grow and expand while also allowing those in rural Iowa to obtain the medications they need with shorter drive times.

House File 493 – Emergency Assistance

This law prohibits cities or counties from enacting ordinances that penalize a resident who calls for emergency assistance if the person who made the call reasonably believes it was necessary.

Senate File 2301 – 529 Plans Sponsored by Non-Profits

This law allows tax-exempt, non-profit organizations to open and contribute to 529 College Savings Plans for individual beneficiaries.  This will help families plan for their children’s future and higher education.

Attached is the full list of bills:

2016 Notable Bills Effective July 1


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