Dems: Many benefits from Iowa’s commitment to renewable energy

April 25, 2016

Iowa is a leader in clean, renewable energy. Our efforts are allowing us to leave behind fuels that pollute our air and water, while creating good jobs, expanding markets for our crops and growing industries that strengthen Iowa’s economy.


The Senate recently voted unanimously to continue our leadership when it comes to biofuels. SF 2309 will extend Iowa’s tax credits for biodiesel, E85 and E15 for seven years, and increase a tax credit for B11 and higher blends of biodiesel.


At a time when federal support for biofuels is uncertain, this legislation provides the long-term, stable commitment the industry needs to invest, innovate, improve and grow. It’s important for:

  • Jobs – More than 40,000 Iowans work in the biofuels industry.
  • Farmers – Biofuels make use of soy oil, corn oil, animal fats and other waste products.
  • The environment – Biofuels cut pollution and reduce our need for fossil fuels.
  • Energy security – Homegrown fuels make us less dependent on foreign oil.


Iowa’s leadership in wind energy also continues to grow. In 2003, the Legislature approved efforts to attract wind energy investment to Iowa, and has since made sure our community colleges have the resources to train skilled workers who manage and maintain the wind farms that dot our landscape. Today, Iowa gets 31 percent of its power from wind—more than any other state.


Soon, wind will make up 40 percent of Iowa energy. MidAmerican Energy is investing $3.6 billion to build turbines that will generate an additional 2,000 megawatts of wind energy. This commitment to clean, renewable energy will create jobs and expand manufacturing and business opportunities, while keeping Iowa’s utility rates among the lowest in the country.


Last week, the Iowa Senate took an additional step in support of locally produced energy. Senate Resolution 118 calls on the federal government to continue the Renewable Fuels Standard. The RFS requires transportation fuel to contain a minimum volume of renewable fuels, which has expanded domestic energy production and strengthened our rural communities.

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