Dems: Finalizing a state budget that maintains commitments

April 25, 2016

As we wrap up the 2016 session, we are working on a responsibly balanced state budget based on details of an agreement between the House and Senate.


This bipartisan decision is the result of lengthy negotiations. Through it all, Democrats fought for priorities that will grow Iowa’s economy and expand our middle class.


For now, Iowans have chosen a divided state government—with a Republican Governor, Republican-controlled House and Democrat-controlled Senate—so we’re doing our best to find common ground rather than gridlock. In the days ahead, we’ll continue working to make smart investments in jobs, education and health care.


Last week, the Senate voted for several key items to be included in the state budget. Among them are:

  • Increasing our investment in higher education with more money for our state universities, community colleges and grants that help students attend Iowa’s private colleges.
  • Worker training that gives Iowans the in-demand skills needed to attract more good businesses to our state.
  • Help for working families by maintaining funding for wage theft investigators, worker misclassification and OSHA inspectors at Iowa Workforce Development.
  • Innovative programs at our state universities that spur economic growth by working with communities and businesses on technology commercialization, marketing and entrepreneurship.
  • Cleaning up our soil and water to enhance wildlife habitat, outdoor recreation and quality of life, while also supporting Iowa agriculture and other industries.

Technology that improves public safety by ensuring law enforcement and first responders can communicate with each other in an emergency.


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