Dems: Human Resources – week of April 11, 2016

April 18, 2016

SF 453 – Board of Pharmacy bill

SF 2259 — Mental illness treatment



SF 453, as amended by the House, provides for remote pharmacy supervision of certified pharmacy technicians practicing at telepharmacy sites and defines the term telepharmacy. The bill updates licensure provisions and processes for out-of-state and outsourcing pharmacies that provide pharmaceuticals to Iowans. Finally, the bill allows inspection reports to be disclosed to the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy’s inspection network. The bill defines “managing pharmacy” and “telepharmacy site.” It also provides specifics that should be included in developing Administrative Rules for limited-use pharmacy and adds a mileage requirement of 10 miles.

[4/11: 49-0 (Feenstra excused)]


SF 2259, as amended by the House, allows outpatient treatment for a person with a serious mental illness who is under a court order. The bill concerns outpatient treatment for mental illness upon the conclusion of an involuntary hospitalization proceeding. If the patient fails to comply with outpatient treatment and is taken into protective custody, they can be given a choice of treatment, which may include the use of injectable antipsychotic medicine. The House amendment adds flexibility by allowing the court to make decisions if the committing judge is not available.

[4/11: 49-0 (Feenstra excused)]

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