Dems: Appropriations – week of March 28, 2016

April 1, 2016

SF 2280 – Enhance Iowa

SSB 3138 – Food banks and emergency feeding



SF 2280 establishes an Enhance Iowa Board to assume the powers and duties of the Vision Iowa Board, along with additional powers and duties. The bill establishes an Enhance Iowa Fund and a Sports Tourism Program and Fund. There is an appropriation of $25 million from the General Fund to the Enhance Iowa Fund for 10 fiscal years, beginning in fiscal year 2017. The $25 million appropriation occurs only if the General Fund receives a transfer of more than $100 million in that fiscal year from the Iowa Economic Emergency Fund.


Allocation of the $25 million:

  • $1 million for Sports Tourism (new program)
  • $3 million for Community Attraction & Tourism Fund (CAT)
  • $2 million for River Enhancement Community Attraction & Tourism Fund (RECAT)*
  • $6 million for grants, at the discretion of the Board to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Department of Transportation (DOT) or the Department of Agricultural & Land Stewardship (IDALS), divided in this manner:
    • $2 million for State Parks Infrastructure (low head dam mitigation) or Natural Resources & Outdoor Recreation Trust Account.
    • $2 million for the watershed protection account in the Natural Resources & Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund.
    • $2 million for trails (DNR, DOT, IDALS).
  • $12.75 million at the discretion of the Enhance Iowa Board for all programs and purposes from the above list.*
  • $250,000 to Iowa Economic Development Authority to administered and market the Enhance Iowa Program.


The purpose of Sports Tourism Program is to provide financial assistance for projects that promote sporting events for accredited colleges and universities, convention and visitors’ bureaus, a city, county or public organization. Projects are awarded based on:

  • Impact on local, regional and state economies.
  • Potential to attract Iowans and out-of-state visitors.
  • Amount of positive advertising or media coverage the project generates.
  • Quality, size and scope of the project.
  • Ratio of public-to-private investment.


An amendment adopted in committee:

  • Takes the State Treasurer off the board as an ex-officio member and adds two more review committees for a total of four. Keeps the CAT review committee and the RECAT/Vision Iowa review committee. Adds a departmental grant review committee and a sports tourism review committee.
  • Adds $1 million to RECAT (total $3 million) and reduces $1 million to Enhance Iowa Fund.*
  • Makes it clear that applications go to the authority first, then to the review committees, and finally to the full board.
  • Tightens uses of financial assistance under Sports Tourism by striking page 9, lines 5-6 “other purposes directly related to the promotion of the sporting event.”
  • Clarifies the board transition. It is the intent of the General Assembly that the Governor should appoint at least three but not more than seven members of the Vision Iowa Board to the Enhance Iowa Board.

[3/30: 18-2 (Garrett, Rozenboom “no”; Wilhelm excused)]


SSB 3138 provides for the distribution of raw and processed food to nonprofit food banks and nonprofit emergency feeding organizations, both of which distribute food to low-income and unemployed families and individuals. The bill provides for the donation of food by sponsors of legislative events conducted on the premises of the state Capitol; the establishment of three distribution programs, two within the Department of Agricultural & Land Stewardship and including appropriations, and one within the Iowa Department of Corrections.


DIVISION I – FOOD SERVED ON STATE CAPITOL PREMISES. The Secretary of the Senate and Chief Clerk of the House must have sponsors of Statehouse events that provide food to all members of the Legislature during session offer to donate leftovers to a food bank or an emergency feeding organization. The Legislative Council may also require approved people to donate leftovers to a food bank or emergency feeding organization.


The food must appear to be wholesome, which means food that meets all quality and labeling standards or requirements adopted by federal and state government and the city of Des Moines, even though the food may not be readily marketable due to appearance, age, freshness, grade, size, surplus or other conditions.


DIVISION II – PROGRAMS AND APPROPRIATIONS. An Iowa food bank association must manage two programs under a contract with the Department of Agricultural & Land Stewardship, which must oversee the programs. The Department of Agricultural & Land Stewardship must cooperate with Department of Inspections & Appeals and the Department of Human Services.


The bill:

  • Defines emergency feeding organization to match Code 190B.201 (Farm to food donation tax credit).
  • Defines food bank to match Code 190B.201 (Farm to food donation tax credit).
  • Amends emergency feeding organization and food bank definitions to include those “that serves Iowans.” This will allow operations in Omaha that serve Iowans to participate.


The programs allow the association to purchase or otherwise acquire eligible agricultural products, which include food and ag commodities that can be processed into food. The program also provides for the packaging, storing and transporting of eligible ag products to nonprofit organizations for distribution. The Iowa agricultural products clearance program is established to distribute products to food banks and emergency feeding organizations. The Iowa emergency food purchase program is established to distribute food only to Iowa emergency feeding organizations. The bill appropriates money from the general fund to the department to support administration of the two programs and the contract.


The appropriation from the FY16 ending balance is $600,000. Of that, up to $500,000 is allocated for purchasing ag products for use as food, processing ag products into food, and packaging processed ag products. The remaining $100,000 is allocated for storage and transportation.


An additional $250,000 is appropriated from the FY16 ending balance to support the Iowa Emergency Food Purchase Program, which must be matched on a dollar-for-dollar basis. Funds do not revert until June 30, 2019.


DIVISION III – PRISON GARDENING PROGRAM. The Iowa Department of Corrections will establish a Prison Gardening Program, which will plant gardens subject to security and space requirements at each correctional facility. Garden produce must be consumed within the prison or donated to a nonprofit organization. This section does not authorize the Department of Corrections or an inmate to claim a farm-to-food donation tax credit. Iowa Prison Industries is exempt from the Gardening Program.

[3/30: 17-3 (Chapman, Garrett, Schneider “no”; Wilhelm excused)]

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