Dems: Judiciary – week of March 21, 2016

March 29, 2016

HF 2279 – Suppressors

HF 2282 – Guardians ad litem in adoption proceedings

HF 2359 – Substantive code editor’s bill



HF 2279 legalizes the possession of suppressors in Iowa and removes them from the list of offensive weapons. It will be a “D” felony to knowingly possess a suppressor in violation of the law.

[3/17: 46-4 (Bolkcom, Dvorsky, Hogg, Quirmbach “no”)]


HF 2282 requires that an adoption petition include a statement about whether a guardian ad litem should be appointed for the minor child who is to be adopted, and if not, the reasons why. The bill adds a new Code section relating to adoption proceedings that requires the Court to determine the need for a guardian ad litem for children in adoption proceedings prior to the adoption hearing, and to appoint a guardian ad litem or waive the appointment in the order setting the adoption hearing. The guardian ad litem must determine what’s in the best interest of a child. Currently, there is no uniformity among judges about whether guardians ad litem must be appointed in adoption proceedings. This proposed legislation will bring clarity to the process.

[3/23: 50-0]


HF 2359 is the substantive code editor’s bill. It eliminates obsolete and redundant language, clarifies and updates some old provisions, corrects citations and internal references, updates names of organizations and publications, makes changes to Code section numbering, and makes a variety of similar updates throughout the Code.

[3/23: 50-0]

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