Dems: Local Government – week of March 14, 2016

March 21, 2016

HF 2339 Recreational lake districts

HF 2267 — Civil Service Commission employee residency qualifications

HF 2180 — Transfer of township funds to a school district

HF 2325 — Severance of a sanitary district 



HF 2339 relates to benefited recreational lake districts. To form a district, a Board of Supervisors must receive a petition signed by a specified number of landowners within the proposed district, and must either establish the district by resolution or disallow the petition within 10 days of conducting a hearing on the petition.

[3/15: 49-0 (Chapman excused)]


HF 2267 allows a city to adopt an ordinance permitting a civil service employee, such as a professional police officer or professional firefighter, to live in another state. Cities may set reasonable maximum distance requirements, and may allow up to a year for an employee to comply with residency requirements, instead of the current two years. This provision has been developed over several years, and is agreed to by the Professional Fire Fighters, Police Officers Union and League of Cities.

[3/15: 49-0 (Chapman excused)]


HF 2180 simplifies the transfer of township funds to a school district. Currently, a township may transfer excess funds to a school district where the funds were raised if there is a petition to do so. Under this bill, the Board of Trustees will instead approve a resolution to do so. A township must close its account if it transfers the funds.

[3/15: 49-0 (Chapman excused)]


HF 2325 gives the Board of Trustees of a sanitary district a way to modify district boundaries through a resolution instead of dissolving. The resolution must specify the boundaries of the district. The board must file the resolution with the government entity within 10 days of adoption, and must mail notice to residents of a public hearing at the next regular board meeting.

[3/15: 49-0 (Chapman excused)]

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