Dems: Building Iowa’s communities through philanthropy

March 14, 2016

A new report from the Iowa Council of Foundations provides a snapshot of recent philanthropy across the state as a result of casino gambling revenue.


The Iowa Legislature approved this charitable giving because it has a positive impact throughout the state. Endow Iowa is a catalyst for philanthropy in every county and community.


Nonprofit groups and projects benefit in three ways:

  1. Grants by casinos – Iowa is the only state that requires casinos to give to local charities and community projects. For more than two decades, millions in grants have supported thousands of charitable requests in counties with casinos.
  2. County Endowment Fund Program – Since 2004, a portion of state gambling revenue has provided grants to nonprofits and charitable projects in counties that do not have casinos. In 2015, more than $10.62 million went to projects that enhance arts and culture, education, health care and human services, and our environment.
  3. Endow Iowa Tax Credits – Launched in 2004, these tax credits have gone to individuals, businesses and financial institutions that have invested $219 million in the philanthropy of community foundations through more than 25,000 donations.


To learn more about local community foundations or to view the full report on charitable giving through gambling revenue, go to

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