Dems: Human Resources – week of Feb. 29, 2016

March 5, 2016

SF 2188 — Psychologist Prescribing

SF 2258 — DHS Child Welfare Improvements

SF 2259 — Mental Illness Treatment

SF 2260 — ACA Reporting of Ownership Information

SF 2213 — Medicaid Privatization Oversight



SF 2188 allows certain psychologists that have received specialized additional training to have prescription writing authority for a limited formulary of psychotropic drugs. They must have a doctoral degree in psychology and a post-doctoral master’s degree in clinical psychopharmacology; be licensed in Iowa; have pre- and post-doctoral internships; and complete a 400-hour/100-patient practicum. It sets a two-year period for the psychologist to have a conditional prescribing certificate and be under the supervision of a physician.

[3/1: FAILED 24-25 (Anderson, Behn, Bertrand, Bisignano, Bolkcom (MTR), Breitbach, Chapman, Chelgren, Danielson, Feenstra, Garrett, Guth, Horn, Kapucian, Kinney, Kraayenbrink, Rozenboom, Schneider, Schultz, Shipley, Sinclair, Smith, Whitver, Zaun, Zumbach “no”; Dix excused)]


SF 2258 makes changes to implement federal requirements of the “Preventing Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act.” Children in foster care leave their homes and sometime their school and community. This causes interruption in typical development. The bill attempts to help youth in foster care have the most normal experience and ensure they have the opportunities to prepare for adulthood. In addition, the bill also holds state agencies and partners accountable to recognize and respond to sex trafficking of minors.


The bill also:

  • Starts transitioning activities at 14 instead of 16.
  • Defines the Reasonable & Prudent Parent Standard, which allows foster parents to approve some activities.
  • Restricts the use of Another Planned Permanent Living Arrangement (APPLA).
  • Defines sex trafficking as child abuse.

[2/29: 48-0 (Bertrand, Dix excused)]


SF 2259 allows outpatient treatment for a person with a serious mental illness who is under a court order. The bill concerns outpatient treatment for mental illness upon the conclusion of an involuntary hospitalization proceeding. If patients fail to comply with outpatient treatment and are taken into protective custody, they can be given the choice of treatment, which may include the use of injectable antipsychotic medicine.

[3/1: 49-0 (Dix excused)]


SF 2260 directs the Department of Human Services (DHS) to collect and verify information submitted by Medicaid providers regarding their board members and owners in compliance with federal regulations. DHS must not disclose the information to Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), and MCOs must not require providers to submit the information directly to them.

[2/29: 48-0 (Bertrand, Dix excused)]


SF 2213 is the Medicaid Privatization Oversight Bill that is designed to ensure that Medicaid managed care is implemented and administered in a manner that safeguards the interests of Medicaid members, encourages the participation of Medicaid providers and protects the interests of Iowa taxpayers.


The bill:

  • Provides for vigorous government oversight of the privatized Medicaid system, including significant stakeholder involvement.
  • Ensures investments in system improvements, and not just private company profits.
  • Requires DHS and the managed care companies to comply with provisions to protect consumers, preserve provider networks, address the unique needs of children and assure accountability.


Key elements of the bill

  • Comprehensive review of program integrity activities
  • Creation of a Medicaid Reinvestment Fund
  • Additional duties and authority for the Managed Care Ombudsman Program
  • Expansion and enhancement of the Medical Assistance Advisory Council
  • Directs a patient-centered Health Advisory Council to recommend appropriate alignment with holistic, population-health based approaches
  • Directs DHS to undertake specific tasks to improve policies in the areas of: consumer protections, children, provider participation enhancement, rates and payments, data collection

[3/2: 32-18 (Anderson, Behn, Bertrand, Breitbach, Chelgren, Costello, Dix, Feenstra, Garrett, Guth, Kapucian, Kraayenbrink, Rozenboom, Schneider, Schultz, Shipley, Whitver, Zumbach “no”)]

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