Dems: Education – week of Feb. 29, 2016

March 5, 2016

SF 2163 – BOEE fee increase rule nullification, carryover cap & fee increase prohibition

SF 2200 – Allows online course for a school district

SF 2225 – Concussion reporting in high school interscholastic athletic contests

HF 228 – Transitional coaching and licenses

HF 2275 – All Iowa Opportunity Scholarship technical change



SF 2163 nullifies the 2015 Board of Educational Examiners (BOEE) fee increase rule (ARC 2131C), caps the BOEE’s carry-forward at $650,000, and prohibits any new fee increase for the FY16 and FY17 (one and half years). The prohibition on fee increases is included so that the BOEE doesn’t submit a new rule proposal to raise fees since the rule nullification only applies to ARC 2131C rule specifically.

[2/25: 48-0 (Dix, Sinclair excused)]


SF 2200, in limited capacity, allows certain instruction to be provided through the Iowa learning online initiative or by a district for one year. This is a bouncing bill that came back from the House with an amendment that clarifies classes must be taught by “an Iowa licensed” teacher, as opposed to current bill language that only specifies “a licensed” teacher. The Senate accepted the House amendment. The bill now goes to the Governor for his signature.

[2/29: 49-0 (Dix excused)]


SF 2225 requires the home team in an extracurricular interscholastic high school level “collision sport” contest to ensure that a qualified medical person is present and available to assess injuries; defines “collision sports” as football, soccer and wrestling; and requires the medical personnel to notify the visiting team’s athletic director within 48 hours if an athlete shows signs, symptoms or behaviors consistent with a concussion or brain injury. A waiver may be granted for one year if a school district can’t find a qualified person to perform this duty. The bill also provides for an immediate waiver if a health care professional was scheduled to be at the event and was unavoidably delayed.

[3/2: 35-15 (Anderson, Behn, Bertrand, Chapman, Costello, Dix, Feenstra, Garrett, Guth, Kraayenbrink, Rozenboom, Schneider, Schultz, Sinclair, Zaun “no”)]


HF 228 establishes a one-time transitional coaching authorization, issued by the Board of Educational Examiners (BOEE), to address coaching shortages. A transitional coach must first pass a concussion training course, which is required by the Iowa Athletic Association, be at least 21 years old (a full coaching license minimum age is 18), provide verification of an offer of a coaching position by a school or a consortium of schools, and complete the coursework required for a full coaching authorization within one year. A transitional coach must complete a shortened professional ethics lesson developed by BOEE, child abuse mandatory reporter training and a background investigation. During the first two weeks and at the first athletic contest, a transitional coach must be directly supervised. The supervisor must sign off on the transitional coach’s abilities for them to continue to coach on the conditional endorsement. The endorsement is only good for one sport, one time.

[2/29: 49-0 (Dix excused)]



HF 2275 allows, at a qualified student’s request, the All Iowa Opportunity Scholarship to be disbursed over a single academic year or two academic years. The scholarship award must not exceed the student’s financial need or the average resident tuition rate and mandatory fees established for Regents universities. Currently, a student may receive scholarships for not more than the equivalent of two full-time academic years of undergraduate study, excluding summer semesters.

[2/29: short form]

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