GOP: Caucus Staff Analyses – March 1, 2016

March 1, 2016

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Below is a list of bills being debated today, with Caucus Staff’s analysis attached:

House File 2336 – DE Code Clarifications and Efficiencies

House File 2321 – Independent Accreditation for Non-Public Schools Sunset

House File 2370 – College Student Aid Commission Registration Exemption

House File 2387 – Dental Exam Study

House File 2341 – Juvenile Shelter Fix

House File 2377 – Rural Practitioner Loan Repayment

House File 2407 – Confidential Juvenile Court Records

House File 2011 – Sexual Exploitation School Employee

House File 2400 – Voidable Commercial Transaction

House File 2330 – ABC department bill

House File 2345 – Bridge Report

House File – 2415 Veterans Preference

House File 2365 – Waiver of Hunter Safety Course

House File 2396 – Sewage Water

House File 2401 – Underage Credit Cards


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