Dems: Peace of mind for deployed parents

February 28, 2016

Deployed service members worried about the welfare of their children should be assured they will not face a court battle over custody and visitation during deployment.


To ease their concerns, the Senate approved SF 2233, the Uniform Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation Act. It establishes a process for service members and non-deploying parents to deal with custody and visitation during deployment. This model legislation was proposed by a national organization to create consistency among states.


Under the bill, when a parent is deployed, the parents can enter into a temporary agreement regarding custodial responsibility during deployment. The agreement will terminate when the deployed parent returns, and the original court order regarding child custody will once again be in force.


If parents cannot reach an agreement, the court may issue a temporary order granting custodial responsibility, including to a non-parent. This order would also terminate upon the deployed parent’s return. Parental agreements and court orders will also include the assurance that a parent gets contact with their children through electronic means, if possible, during deployment.


Military members should be able to confidently serve our country without custody and visitation worries when duty requires them to leave their homes and their children.

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