Dems: Robust oversight needed for Medicaid

February 27, 2016

Unfortunately, we learned this week that the federal Centers for Medicaid Services is approving the unilateral plan by the Branstad-Reynolds Administration to privatize Iowa Medicaid beginning April 1.


While it is helpful that the federal government has approved another delay in implementation, the state is far from ready. The chaotic transition to privatized Medicaid puts at risk the health and wellbeing of more than 560,000 Iowans, including families living with severe medical challenges, children, seniors and people with disabilities.


Iowans still can’t get answers to basic questions; they’re losing independent case managers who are paid to put patients first; and some are being told that they’ll no longer be able to see trusted local doctors and service providers.


That’s why the Iowa Senate is working on robust oversight legislation to monitor Iowa’s privatized Medicaid program. SF 2213 will guarantee investments in system improvements, with meaningful stakeholder involvement, data collection to ensure we get good results, and contract changes to guarantee providers and members are treated fairly.


We must do what we can to prevent any adverse effects. Medicaid members, their families and Iowa taxpayers deserve improved health, better access to care and fiscal responsibility.

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