Dems: Natural Resources – week of Feb. 15, 2016

February 22, 2016

SF 2180 – Adding ex-officio legislative membership for WRCC

SF 2181 – DNR household hazardous materials program update

SF 2182 – Nonprofit energy efficiency grant program

SSB 3126 – Proposed constitutional amendment providing the right to hunt and fish


SF 2180 adds four members of the Legislature as ex-officio (non-voting) members to the Watershed Resources Coordinating Council. The council is made up of federal and state agencies and representatives from state universities. It is designed to promote an integrated approach to water management programs. [2/11: short form]


SF 2181 is proposed by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to remove outdated provisions and requirements for the department and businesses under the DNR’s Household Hazardous Waste program. The bill removes provisions to reflect the transition from a single-event toxic clean-up days to the more permanent system represented by the Regional Collection Centers today; removes from the Code program requirements that have been completed; reduces requirements for businesses by eliminating the need for businesses to provide pamphlets for customers on Household Hazardous Waste; combines two required reports on Household Hazardous Waste revenues and expenditures into a single report; and updates language to what is now commonly used in the Regional Collection Center program. [2/11: short form]


SF 2182 establishes a new energy efficiency improvement grant program for non-profit organizations in Iowa. The program would be administered by the Iowa Energy Center at Iowa State University and would provide $1 million for grants for building improvements to increase energy efficiency or installation of renewable energy systems to reduce energy use. [2/11: short form (Behn, Johnson, Rozenboom, Shipley, Zumbach “no”)]


SSB 3126 is a proposed constitutional amendment allowing Iowans a right to hunt, fish and harvest wildlife. Under this amendment, the Legislature and the Natural Resources Commission would still be able to adopt reasonable rules and regulations to promote wildlife conservation and management to maintain natural resources held in trust by the state for public use. The proposed amendment will not change any provision of law that relates to eminent domain, trespassing or property rights.


For this proposed constitutional amendment to be enacted, it must pass the House and the Senate this session and once more during the 87th General Assembly (2017-18) before being put to the voters for approval in a general election. [2/16: short form]

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