Dems: Judiciary – week of Jan. 18, 2016

January 23, 2016

SF 2022 – Criminal jurisdiction on the Sac and Fox Indian Settlement



SF 2022 tenders to the U.S. Government the criminal jurisdiction that the State has over criminal offenses committed by or against Native Americans on the Sac and Fox Indian settlement. A federal law passed in 1948 gave the State of Iowa jurisdiction over all criminal offenses committed on the settlement. That law would need to be rescinded by the U.S. Congress for the State to not retain the criminal jurisdiction. SF 2022 essentially tells the federal government that the State does not want criminal jurisdiction on the Sac and Fox settlement. For crimes committed by Native Americans against Native Americans, the tribal justice system is well suited to handle those cases. Major crimes will continue to be investigated and prosecuted by the federal government. This legislation deals with what would generally be considered misdemeanor crimes. [Floor – 1/20: 41-6 (Chapman, Chelgren, Costello, Garrett, Guth, Zaun “no”; Anderson, Bertrand, Zumbach absent); Committee – 1/14: short form (Garrett, Zaun “no”)]

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