Dems: Apprenticeships prepare Iowans for skilled work

December 26, 2015

Iowa is one of the top states for apprentice growth with more than 750 certified apprenticeships, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

Registered apprenticeships are a proven approach to preparing workers for in-demand jobs and meeting business needs for skilled employees. In fact, apprenticeships are employer driven, combining on-the-job training with classroom instruction to boost skills while providing a paycheck.

The 2014 Iowa Apprenticeship & Job Training Act tripled the funding for apprenticeships and expanded access to apprenticeship training. A $3 million annual appropriation covers some of the costs of equipment, materials and other expenses for apprenticeship programs in Iowa.

In addition, a $6.175 million federal grant is further expanding access to apprenticeship training for Iowans in construction and non-construction occupations throughout the state. Iowa employers can now offer apprenticeship training for the 1,266 federally approved occupations for apprenticeships in information technology, construction, manufacturing, health care and more.

These state and federal investments allow Iowans access to the work-based training they need to fill immediate job openings. For more information on apprenticeship programs in Iowa, go to

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