Dems: Key Senators: Federal officials respond to concerns of Iowans about Medicaid privatization

November 6, 2015


Key Senators: Federal officials respond to concerns of Iowans about Medicaid privatization


Statement by Sen. Amanda Ragan of Mason City, co-chair of the Health and Human Services budget subcommittee, and Senator Liz Mathis of Robins, Chair of the Senate Human Resources Committee on today’s letter by federal officials raising concerns with Governor Branstad’s Medicaid privatization plan

“Federal officials today signaled that they are listening to concerned Iowans regarding Governor Branstad’s Medicaid privatization proposal.

“In a letter to an official in the Branstad Administration, a key federal official today raised the same concerns that we have been hearing from Iowans for months: this proposal is too much, too fast and failing to protect vulnerable Iowans.

“Specifically, the letter from Timothy Hill, Deputy Director of the Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services, states:

‘CMS has significant concerns that the implementation timeframes for the transition to managed care may place access, continuity of care, and quality of care of beneficiaries at risk.

‘We are also concerned about the extent to which managed care organizations (MCOs), providers and Medicaid beneficiaries are prepared for the transition.’

“The letter also requires the Branstad Administration to address several ‘major concerns,’ including:

  • Ensuring that Medicaid recipients have the information necessary to make informed decisions.
  • Ensuring that Medicaid recipients continue to receive high quality care and services during the transition process.
  • Ensuring that adequate health care providers have signed up with the various networks so all Iowans have access to health care.

“Because so many Iowans have contacted federal officials with concerns about these privatization plans, federal officials will be hosting several ‘Listening Sessions’ to hear more from Iowa families and health care providers and to conduct four days of on-site interviews.

Nov. 6, 2015 letter from Timothy Hill, Deputy Director, Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services

151106_CMS letter pdf

151106_CMS letter in Word format




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