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Dems: 2018 Weekly Bill Tracking, Thurs. April 12 – Wed. April 18

WEEKLY BILL TRACKING Thurs. April 12 – Wed. April 18, 2018 HOUSE DEMOCRATIC RESEARCH STAFF Appropriations HF 2429       Transportation Budget. Appropriates a total of $380,792,669 from both the Road Use Tax Fund(RUTF) and the Primary Road Fund(PRF). Th...

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Dems: State Budget Remains Uncertain

The scheduled date of adjournment has come and gone for the Iowa Legislature, but there is still a lot of work that remains on the state’s budget. The Iowa House took the first step in getting the budget completed by passing five budgets out of…

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Dems: Judiciary Committee Report – Week 15, 2018

HF 2342 – Seizure and disposition of property by DNR; HF 2397 – Employee’s criminal history and employer liability; HF 2443 – Confidentiality of juvenile records and juvenile court jurisdiction. FLOOR ACTION: HF 2342 prohibits [...]

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Dems: Natural Resources Committee Report – Week 14, 2018

HF 2466 – Management of spreadable diseases among wild animals   FLOOR ACTION: HF 2466 directs the Natural Resource Commission (NRC) and the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to prevent,…

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Dems: State Government Committee Report – Week 15, 2018

SJR 2006 – Amends Iowa Constitution to outline line of gubernatorial succession   FLOOR ACTION: SJR 2006 proposes an amendment to the Iowa Constitution to outline the line of succession…

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Dems: Inside the Iowa House: Session Goes Into Overtime

The 2018 Legislature was scheduled to adjourn on Tuesday, April 17 but it won’t happen anytime soon.  That’s because another week has gone by and GOP leaders who control both…

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Dems: Senate Democratic Budget Leader on GOP budget gridlock & mismanagement

The gridlock between Senate Republicans, House Republicans and Governor Reynolds is making their budget mess even worse. The budget targets released today by Senate Republicans are more proof that the…

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Dems: Ways & Means Committee Report — Week 15, 2018

SF 2396 – Pilot project for park user fees at Lake Manawa.    FLOOR ACTION: SF 2396 would establish a pilot program for park user fees at Lake Manawa State…

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Dems: Government Oversight Committee Report – Week 15, 2018

SJR 2011 – Authorizes ABATE to sell merchandise at Capitol on one day.    FLOOR ACTION: SJR 2011 allows the Brotherhood Aimed Towards Education (ABATE) to hold a motorcycle rally…

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